You may recognize this next example. Every day, when your child comes home from school and you ask, “How was your day at school?” there’s a good chance that the standard response was “Boring.” Now, that same child is deciding where to pursue the next steps in his/her school career.
You would like a school that sets high standards for education and also meets the specific needs of your child. At the same time, the school must have a high-quality reputation, a solid track-record and an educational program that offers coaching, in addition to teaching. Over the next four years your child should also have the chance to develop socially and become more independent, real-life training for real life post-graduation. All with an official degree to prove the level of skills and knowledge gained.



MTA is all of that! We offer a program on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN) based on self-organized learning by doing. The program origins from the famous TimiAkatemia in Finland, the country known for having the best school system of the world.  Students don’t learn from simulated business cases, but from doing the real thing. Guided by highly qualified and experienced coaches, your child will be part of a team of young entrepreneurs who create and set up their own businesses, with products or services developed by themselves and business processes run by themselves.

Although there’s plenty of attention given towards personal development, the team effort is equally important. That’s what makes MTA so unique! We train the teams so that they learn about themselves, team dynamics, and how to be a high-performing team. Those team then go on to create critical social enterprises that transform society while also making it sustainable.

After finishing the program successfully your child will achieve the international Bachelor of Business Administration degree of Mondragon University Business School.

 Your child will be part of a global community

Included in the program is the opportunity to see the world and gain international experience and exposure. Over four years, the teams will ​go on study trips to the Basque Country in Spain (home of MTA), India, China and Silicon Valley in the United States of America. The travels will be education and business based, but will also include enough time for sight-seeing and cultural experiences. Furthermore, students become part of the global MTA network, a rich community of teampreneurs who will learn and work together for the rest of their lives.

       MTA facts

  • Established in 2008 in cooperation with TimiAkatemia from Finland
  • 743 Teampreneurs
  • 73 Cooperative businesses
  • Global network of 10 Ecosystem Team Labs
  • €1 Million revenue in 2015
  • 1024 Books read in 2015


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 Money well spent

Participation in the program costs €9,500.- per year. This includes the international study trips, all books and study materials, instructions and guidance by a dedicated team coach. The program may be eligible for financial student support. Please check out the website of DUO for your specific situation.