As an advisor you try to help students navigate the countless options they have and support them in making the right choice. 

We can help you understand what MTA Heerlen is about and which students can benefit most from our programs. 


Please feel free to tell your students about us and our program!

As an education professional, you know that not all students are the same. They all have their own motivation for learning, their own way of learning and their own unique talents. 

MTA Heerlen does not search for the typical “because I need to” students. We are looking for the opposite!​
We’re interested in the “because I want to” students. As a student advisor you recognize these students right away. You know these young adults have ideas and the attitude to set things in motion. They are self-starters, curious and full of energy. They love to learn something by doing it themselves.
There is such an option for them: MTA Heerlen.

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