Are you a born entrepreneur or is it your ambition to become an entrepreneur? Do you like to take direct action? Would you rather work together than alone? Are you open minded to the ideas and opinions of others? If yes, then we are looking for you!

In 2017 we start with Mondragon Team Academy Heerlen (MTA Heerlen). MTA Heerlen is an HBO program that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation. Because we think you deserve to develop your own qualities as an entrepreneur. 


Ready for learning without a school?

MTA Heerlen is about you as an individual and you as part of a team. You lead your own development. At MTA Heerlen, you get the opportunity and the freedom to develop an unique set of skills.
We work with the principle of learning-by-doing. Make your own mistakes and learn from them! From the first moment you step into MTA Heerlen, you will be working in a multicultural team of young entrepreneurs. As a team, you’ll start your own company and learn directly from real life businesses what ti truly takes to be a teampreneur.

Traveling and learning combined

The world is our classroom. By choosing MTA Heerlen you also choose to travel the world. During the 4 years  you and your team will go on 4 different Learning Journeys. Not just for sightseeing, but also to develop your business and network. Meet teampreneurs at the world’s largest workers cooperative business group, Mondragon Corporation in Spain, the heart of Mondragon Team Academy. Visit Silicon Valley in the United States of America, the technological center of the world. Fly to China and India to explore these emerging economies for culture and business opportunities.

 How to become a MTA student?

  • Register for one of the Open Doors and experience the way we work;
  • Get invited to one of our castings and participate in a team program;
  • Get interviewed by us and show us how motivated you are;
  • Apply and make your first payment.


MTA Heerlen offers the official European Degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and INNovation. Therefore your current level of qualification is at least VWO or Havo with HBO- bachelor Propedeuse.  All profiles apply.  

Each applicant will be invited for a personal interview to  make sure you are ready for MTA Heerlen and you feel that you make the right choice.

The Process










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Costs and funding possibilities

With an annual fee of €9.500 we’re more expensive than a traditional education. However, keep in mind that there are 4 learning journeys included. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The true entrepreneur will find funding through DUO, family, personal savings etc. Contact us to help you find your way in.